Saturday, April 07, 2012

For my good friend

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After that confession and hearing nothing from you except that you've change your attitude towards me, I guess I get what you are trying to say.

It's okay but it could have been better if you'd spitted it out. Anyway I'm trying to save our friendship and I stopped stalking you for more than 24 hours already.

I wish we could be friends just like before. I really don't know what made you act weird lately.
That's no big deal you should have replied though I may not have enough courage to take it. haha.

You won't talk if I won't ask. hahaha.
Just talk to me and act like you do with the others. I'm not yet a stranger. haha
I used to be your good friend.. and I'm still :)

Sorry about that text message but that's true. I can send it to you again a gazillion times.
But I won't... coz you might explode with anger he-he

This is going to be my last post about you. Send me your reply as soon as possible after reading this 09262819137 lolz. no. seriously. And in a nice and not-so-scary way.

Ops! I wanna ask you a favor. Please send me the softcopy of the parent's waiver hehehe plss? Thanks!

SORRY FOR BLOGGING! haha*runs away*

months from now i'll be reading this again and i'll be like... rofl.. haha :D
coz i have moved on ♥

It's not on windows. It's in the cloud.

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A lot of people asked why do I look good on my pictures...
And because of visiting here, I'm going to share to you my secret



I'm using that "cloud" photo editor for almost 7 months already..but just for color effects..
I don't distort my images...
(though PIXLR has that kind of service - bloat and pinch equivalent to AdobePS' "liquify")

All photos on my blog were taken using a mobile phone... but I think my photos looked good than those taken with DSLRs hahaha

Here's some of my "color-effected" pics haha

Oh I'm sorry Sheen..just wanna set you as my example haha





Hahaha okay to be fair with her I'm gonna post my own picture too...(nah! this could be

Before (noooooo..!)


haha lol funny.. now try pixlr so we'll all look the same! hmp! and don't forget to give credit :p ahaha

and once again...



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