Tuesday, March 20, 2012

last cry

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i promised myself not to cry again...
few hours ago! hahaha
bloggie i cried real hard last march 16 for some stupid reason...
haha just trying to be "emo" haha no not really..
i feel neglected and backstabbed and i wasn't appreciated by this special someone (he's no special anymore!!!)
i really don't understand this feeling.. it's very painful (ouch!)
he's not numb... maybe he just don't get what i mean because i cant tell him directly/clearly what i exactly mean...
weeeeeeeeeee haaaaaaaaaayahay!
he's avoiding me for weeks already...
i don't want to look stupid on chasing on him so i guess i must do the same...
i don't have feelings for him anymore so i am soooo sure that i can do this...
he just wasted all my time and effort (though he never asked for it)
haha wala lang gud... sasabihin ko ba? o hindi na lang?
hindi na lang siguro kasi wala naman din..... waaaaaaa anu ba tulong naman dyan!
bakit naman kasi sa lahat ng crushesness ko sya ang pinakamatagal umabot talaga ng ( >2yrs<3yrs)
sana magkacourage din akong sabihin sa kanya pero saka na pag nasa tamang pag-iisip na sya..or maybe on graduation day na lang pra hindi na ako mahihiya/matatakot kasi last meeting na naman din namin..
hayyyyyyyyyyy time is sooooooooo short...
sensya na bloggie sa distorbo but i got a lot of stories to share specially now that I've got a new friend


Norhaya Mangelen Sangki ("aya")

(in her veil - she's a muslim)

She's so nice So cool and so concerned with her studies(i guess).
She's neat too. She takes a bath! She's responsible and she keeps secrets (charing aya!) haha

anyway she'll have a blog soon like me and Ams :D can't wait to share stories with her speacially this coming OJT this summer! yiKes! Earlier, me and Ams hanged out at her boarding house..haha oops Aya told my excrush/love to answer my call coz my keypad malfunctioned hahaha but not really i just wanna hear his voice...ayeeee duh!


aya's gonna be here! (at home) coz she wants to learn how to make a chocolate


Ams gonna give something special for his girl (i told him to give her girl a necklace instead of a teddy bear..duh!)


James Alamada -> that kiddooooooooooooooooo.. i don't know what im gonna do to him tomorrow..maybe ill just hide somewhere..


gonna do all the diagrams no matter what (alone or not)

equals to

=not so stressful day.. but im hoping to see him tomorrow though he's attention's gonna be on someone else..the hell i care.. they don't look perfect together hahaha.. waaaaaaa im so evil.. i mean>>and so with me so im freeing him off!


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