Sunday, April 22, 2012

My first week of OJT

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When I opened my blogger account, I was surprised by this,
Yes, the new dashboard layout - whether we like it or not.

Anyway on Monday, April 23, 2012, yeah that's tomorrow!!!
I was assigned to be in the night shift(10pm to 7am) huhu...

Though I am used in staying late.. I'm adjusting myself coz I'm afraid I might slept in that veryyyyyyy cold office..

I took this pic at 1:30 am trying to be awake
Earlier me and my cousin went shopping for new clothes because I wasn't able to bring outdoor clothes..I never knew that Friday is civilian day...I also bought a cardigan coz I got cough from that very cold office. I don't tremble with cold..But I dunno why I got this cough. Maybe the weather also took part with this. hahaha... It's raining almost every afternoon or evening when I went out of the company (6pm(My morning shift last week was 9am to 6pm)).

Victoria were like 2 blocks away. Gosh I've spent 1200 pesos $_$ huhu.. How will I save again for that very nice book.. I'm broke! tahahaha!

I'm gonna stay awake until 6am... or maybe after going to church later.. after that I will sleep the whole day!!!

Haha.. my first week of intern at Sutherland Davao was quiet tough...
My first day was last Wednesday. The morning of that day me and my family went to Davao Airport because one of my Aunt will be going back to London. I went back to sleep by 6am and woke up at 8am...
I went to Sutherland to get my company ID... Maam Anna asked me to be back by 1pm to have my OJT started. When I came back she introduced me with the other interns. The room was like..uhhmm 1/3 of my school's 303 room but it has 3 airconditioners.. and my co-interns were trembling in cold. The files were scattered on the floor. Everyone was very busy. Erlyn, taught me how to make an employee 201 file (In most organization, commonly use office forms are standardized and numbered. In this case, an office form numbered 201 is classified as the personal data sheet. Hence, a 201 file contains the personal information of an employee.

Read more:

As days pass by I improved in preparing 201 files. The bosses are handsomes...... too bad they're gays.. by I still like them.. They look neat and they are nice :) Maam Anna is very kind too and approachable(including with those very talkative complainants).

It's very nice to have new friends. Most of them just come and go. But I will never forget them because they leave marks on me. I love them and I don't need to be loved back :)

Now that I'm on the night shift I will miss eating lunch with Ryneth, Katherine and Flor. Everyone in the morning shift will be on the night shift except Flor. Ryneth will follow on Tuesday night. The mid shifts will be on the night shift too - Rochelle and Venus.. sad to say Erlyn's last duty was last Friday. We won't see each other anymore.

There are 8 new OJTs 4 will be with us on Monday night and 4 in the morning shift..but those 8 are from the same school I just don't know where.

Okay by for now. I will post more about my OJT.. and hopefully with photos. :p


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