Friday, July 27, 2012

gala is sick

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Hello readers! Sorry I am sick today. hahaha may lagnat ako... so sad..kawawa naman ako noh?
well masaya naman ang bday celebration ko hihihi... pero ayokong magkwento more about that.. basta masaya lang ako.. sa morning binigyan ako ng 3 roses nila Sheen Nanali, Kimberly Palmares..and the rest of their berks.. 

Stay in touch for my future post about Isabel Valdez - a trying hard bully in school and Diane Laud - a secret flirt who draws everyone's attention to someone who is innocent just to hide her secret motives on someone..
gosh my friend told me that Diane was such a flirt for asking him to be her boyfriend.. ewwww damn you bitch! 

hayysss I miss Ronnver my crush.. haven't seen him today hahaha

bye for now!

love lots♥

Thursday, July 19, 2012

2 persons 1 name

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hayyy.. I do not know what to write!


okay ishare ko na lang sa inyo ang pangsstalk ko with this new crush.. haha

"Hey I just met you..and this is crazy..." haha i sing this song everytime a handsome first yr college student pass by me...

Nung dumaan sya as usual I sang this song... im not expecting that he'd looked back so I turned verrrrrryyyyyyy red.. he didn't just looked back..but he also returned a smile..! gosssshhh then my friend said.. "hoy ang tanda mo na.." of course aminado ako dun kasi graduating student nga ako at sya first yr palang.. hahahahaha

from then on madalas ko na syang makita sa skul..(syempre binabantayan..)

during the screening of "Colegio de Sessionistas" (a social club in our school) nakita ko syang may bitbit na gitara and he's with his bandmates!!! So nagpalista ako for screening.. pero sa sobrang kaba... I cancelled my audition.. hahaha

hopeless na talaga ako..pero okay lang... bkit nmn ako maghahabol dun eh kakabf ko lng din that time..nga lang he graduated Computer Engineer in the same school two years ago so he's not around din nmn dun..charing!!!

one night as I'm busy facebooking, my sister handed me a tiny piece of paper with a cell# written on it.. and i asked "kanino to?"

she said"sa crush mo".. waaaaa im so excited tlga na itxt sya and kabilis nyang magreply.. @_@ naging friends kami and he asked me bakit hindi ako nagpascreening sa sessionista.. Sad sad tlaga hahaha sabi ko member na kasi ako ng Campus Chorus(a choral group in school)..

After a week nagulat nlng ako mag 2nd Screening pa pala ng sessionista.. hahaha
So to stalk him nagpaaudition ako kahit trip2x lng.. I'm not good in singing those kind of songs na pinapatugtog sa banda.. coz nagsosoprano ako eh.. haha charing..
Oh my nakapasa sokens!! haha :))

Naging feeling close kami and I asked for his full name!!!
waaaaaaaaaaaaaaa He and my boyfriend have the same Surnames!!!!!!!!!!

so I immediately called my bf and he said..
"yeah... he's my brother."

What theeeeeeeee???

hahaha soooooooooooo funny @_@

Lesson:   ALWAYS ASK FOR THE FULL NAME BEFORE GETTING(TOO) CLOSE WITH SOMEONE.. hahaha.. atleast it was never too late for me..

Monday, July 16, 2012

Dear Blog

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Last Saturday I met the man I'm going to marry.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Notre Dame of Tacurong College ChatBox - Index

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Notre Dame of Tacurong College ChatBox - Index

Hi Dameans! I'm inviting you to register and join us in our discussion with the latest news, updates, activities, and gossips (?) in our school. Share your ideas with us and ask for help or advice by posting your replies on a conversation that interests you or create your own "thread"(conversation).

NDTC Forum is open for all NDTC students - (Elementary, High School, College), staffs, faculty and alumni.

To register click on the register link you'll see above from

Next is to agree with the Terms of Agreement of the Forum. (I don't read this kind of stuff coz it's very tedious )

Fill up the registration form...choose any username that you like...(a unique username. you will use this everytime you log in).

Wait for admin approval. (Until when is this? hahahhaha)

Explore! and see you there !

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