Monday, April 30, 2012

Sutherland Davao 2nd week of OJT

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I hate Sutherland for placing me on the HR department.. I'm a Computer Science student I'm supposed to be exposed on computers not on those very tiring folders. Argghh the company gave their explanation about this and I am trying to understand.. They said that they are in need of OJTs because they'll be having their audit next month(May). I'm trying to make a solution about this. I'm doing OverTimes so I'll finish early and I can try other stuffs on other departments of that company.. hayyy  grrr.. Good Luck to me.. my new friends and my hr crush inspire me to go to work everynight hayy :) sir *** you're so cute..why are u gay..

but i can't still move on with someone special :( but i guess what he has done was too much.. u fool why are u so numb putting me to shame. but enough is enough

because of that I wanna dedicate this to you!


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