Monday, August 08, 2016

Taking Negativity

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It has been a busy month last July.
From starting my buy and sell to working part time as real estate to attending birthday parties. All while working full time as VA.

Everything is under control until

1. We moved into a new and bigger house because we can't handle the stress in living in a small house. Moving is not as easy as picking up things and dropping them all into a new place. You also need to plan where to put your stuff.

2. Site trippings that I had from
being a real estate agent on weekends are exhausting. We go visit different projects from different places every weekends. And I need to attend Project Knowledge Seminars every night during weekdays.

3. My buy and sell business are booming so fast but unfortunately I can't deliver more boxes because I don't have a private vehicle to deliver and I wasted a lot of money.on taxis.

4. I had my first lost in Real Estate. I invested a lot of time and money on a client who came all the way from Manila. I thought he was ready to invest but not all who are interested are qualified. We realized lately that he doesn't have enough money to invest.

5. I don't get any support from my Sales Manager. I am just working as an affiliate and she's supposed to do the sales but it didn't want that way. She asked me to face a couple of clients which is just fine because I am not a very shy person but I don't get response from her right away which annoyed my clients. Responses and things like negotiating the prices or terms of payment(mostly because we are more on project selling).

6. Parties. Been to a lot of birthday parties lately which includes my own. I don't just attend but also helps in preparing stuff since the birthdays are just within our family.

7. People leaving the office and will have their last day of work this August. They really stressed me out. Like I wanna quit too. We have the same reasons of wanting to leave but they did(will) leave.

8. Weather is sooo bad last July and almost everyone in the world is sick especially me and Andrei :'(

9. People trying to control/teach you how to live your life. Annoying...

I need motivation. I am surrounded with negativity and stress. It's all done and I couldn't do anything about it. Advice anyone?


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