Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Cleverbot and Gala Encounter

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me:anung ginagawa mo?


me:sa ano?


me:anung inuupuan mo?


me:are you clever?

cleverbot:Yes. And you clever?


cleverbot:Ok well then go.


cleverbot:When should we meet.


cleverbot:At what time?


cleverbot:I will see you tomorrow.




cleverbot:Hahah yun name mo??

me:hindi sayo

cleverbot:Anlabo mo.

aba! ako pa ang malabo? anak ng pating talaga ito.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Wait til' September

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Wee.. halloe!! first of all I want to thank myself for blogging today! horray! BTW.. Have u noticed my title? "Wait til' September"... it's because of my horoscope

Leo Horoscope
For The Week Starting June 21, 2010

- Some of you fire signs may have just recently met someone of interest. Do not lose hope because by September you may be dating him/her on a steady basis. Meanwhile there are others that are almost as interesting but just for a ‘summer type’ romance. When the ‘summer type’ breakup comes in September you will not care. You can then concentrate on the one who really intrigues you.

...isn't it nice? I can really relate on it. haha.. well.. im kinda busy with my studies and I have no time for "love2x"..watever.. I'm exhausted.. but I hope I'll have my price for this hard work! churva! hahaha...

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

New School Year! New Life!

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Yeah! new life daw ba! kaechusan! nakakainis talaga bakit buhay pa ang mga halimaw? abay bahala na cla.. basta ako mag aral talaga ako ng mabuti ngayon para maging DL.. hahaha.. ambisyosa. anyways, ang hirap ng assignment sa digimon design.. este "Digital Design" anu daw un.. define digital analog system.. tsaka switching circuits.. ang hirap naman hanapin nun sa internet.. madali nga sa book kaso konte lang ang books sa library.. hayzz... magdagdag naman po kayo ng books. konte lng kasi tsaka mga luma pa ung iba.. :( ang dami ding assignment sa economics.. ahays.. buti n lng at madaling hanapin.. kaso nagkakaagawan p ata ng books.. hahaha.. bahala na.. basta makaanswer.. watever.. heheheheh....jejejeje..ops.. heheh.. indi na ako jejemon.. noon lng yun.. hahah.. cge blog.. sa susunod ulit.. anu ba toh.. ako lng nagbabasa ng blog ko..!! hahahaha.. mga kuan kasi sila ah... walang mga blog

Thursday, February 25, 2010


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argg.. im stucked up!
i need help! argg.. i must finish 7 reports this week or else im dead.. haha..
anyways.. im so excited because this sem is about to end..!
I hope I will be able to finish my requirements on time so that it'll be easy for me to work on my clearance.. haha.

This day is a bit tiring. I think my brain was over-used (*do I have a brain?*)
The programming problem this morning is quite difficult..but i did it.. haha..
We're now on while statement.. c++ is not difficult for me now coz im done with c-language..hehe.. and it's unfair for them i think.. haha. but i dont care i studied hard in c.. hehe..

anyways.. ive tried editing the background color and text in C++ using the code ive used in C and it worked..xD

system("Color 1A");

1 there is for background color and A is for the text color..

you may change it in any combinations u like..
only from 1 to 7 and A to E i think..

MJ is beside me and she's kinda confused of what im doin.

hayzz.. gtg..

Friday, February 05, 2010


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I want to share our humanities project last school year's second semester..

Thanks martin for the upload

This video is awwwfull.. hahahaha I hate myself!

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

My stupid week and my PBB Big 4

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it's tiring because this week my class will be mwf only because we have no class every tth coz of the holidays.. hayzz.. though I have my mwf classes, I dont have classes with some of my subjects because my first year classmates have their practice for their presentation on wednesday. arg. buti tapos ko na ang pe2 na yan.. haha... ayt..

anyways.. malapit na pala ang big night!! wee.. I want to share my BIG 4 din dafat!


Mariel Sorino

Melissa Cantiveros

Paul Jake Castillo

Steve "Tibo" Jumalon

Yan lng.. kung may pang 5 edi si.. Johan

Monday, January 25, 2010

FLASH NEWS: hanie gutom??

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hay... walang yang hanie baguadatu.. parating gutom! upakan ko kaya mga bf nya? hahaha.. crush nya bala si campo...! hahaha! love ni wilfred paclibar si lovelyn.. love ni lovelyn ang bf nya...pati wilfred konte.. hahahaha..

si paches ay bolero...!

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