Saturday, July 04, 2015

January Weekends

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Today is the first weekend of July but we're stuck at home so that we could save energy and of course money. What I could share today is our January weekends. Just pictures for memories.

JUNE 27, 2015

We went to Creamery Cafe to meet Tita Ella.


After our grocery shopping, we went to McDonald's to have our lunch before we separate ways. Papa went home because he is sick and he took Andrei with him while I stayed downtown to meet Maiza, my workmate.

JUNE 27, 2015

The following Saturday, we gave Nanay a visit to her townhouse. We can't stay for too long because I need to make cheese sticks.

If he was a "she", this is what he looks like. hahaha

That's all I can share for today. Well, like what I've said, I'm stuck at home doing the laundry, doing household chores, taking care of my baby boy, and will be rolling cheese sticks later.

Rainy cold evening! Good Night.


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