Monday, April 09, 2012


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I'm Coming home to an empty room

my head is spinning on a Sunday afternoon

There was a time when I had it all

I can still remember but I'm barely

Hanging on so tell me what to do

to make you change you're mind I wish that

I could find a way to turn back time

cause life's just not the same since

You've been gone.

I never should have let you go cause

I'm falling to pieces

I just wanna let you know

that I can't keep pretending

I never should have let you go

you're so far away

and I just can't live without you :)

*last post.. I'm gonna shut up for a while*
*and you are so busted! i caught you! :p*
*click for clearer view*

I came 1st before 50 roman soldiers, nothing was left except 5 invert 3 and u came last.

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*No skip reading*

Hey I'm a CS student too. I got ur IP address huh... hehe..

anyway tnx for dropping by all the time..
hey why are you keeping in touch? lolz
pls talk before it's too late!!!(geez im afraid you might say >>>huh?why should I? and late for what?)
im being stupid again.. i was supposed to make a blog review but you're bothering me..
haha i dunno...
just get out of my head..i can't concentrate.. haha
I'll be off to Gensan this week so maybe I'll have my New Post or Review next week and I may have my OJT Documentation posted here too...
Well this blog is my online's public and yes you may read my posts any time you'd want to..
but I was just wondering... why you got some interest on reading my posts? ahem..
haha if you want more you may ask me in person.k?
I said on my previous post that that'd be the last time ill talk about you... haha sorry you know i always eat what i say.. haha
OJT is coming and I'm gonna miss you(iihh..) but not that much..coz i know you'll be around here..haha

tadah! 49.145.(3digits).(2digits) You're on PLDT it's under smart is doesn't have a permanent connection so sometimes that "3 digits" and "2 digits" changes... hahah

I know right? Plus I know your activities on my blog(buttons/links you clicked, minutes you stayed) haha it's sooo okay I knew it since.. I'm also doing that with the others..

If you have a smartbro stick just tell me if you want a net hack i can help you
and it's free. hahaha There's this one dude who wants me to hack his cannopy..I rejected it haha no! I don't wanna go up the roof. haha shareeee

I told you to text me but you never did! I texted you but you didnt reply!(even just "idk what you're talking about")
what's wrong with you? oh my here i go again haha

i hope you liked the vid on the previous post... Im a big fan of MYMP since HS.

I'm sleepy now.. good night.. i mean Good Morning ♥

And again this might be my second to the last or last post this week..text me!

Check out these vids

I wanna say Sorry for annoying you
and I dedicate this song to you.(But I know im gonna eat this too haha)
May you have peace of mind.


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