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Name:Haruno Sakura
1st Appearance:Chapter 3
Village:Hidden Leaf Village
Voice Actor:Chie Nakamura

Sakura is on the same team as Naruto and Sasuke, so another one of Kakashi's students. Altough she's one of the main characters in the series, she plays a more supportive part in the beginning. When we see her, basically things

focused on her love for Sasuke. But as the storylines continues she adventually gets strongers too. She's a very smart student, and graduated from the academy with top grades. She has a perfect control over her Chakra, but lacks the will to become an excellent ninja. She has no unique skills, nor do we see her do any training in the series. But Kakashi do said that she has some skill in genjutsu. So if we would have to expect Sakura learning new skills, it'll probably be in that area.

She has quite a history with Ino too. Sakura is somebody who got picked on because of here wide forehead when she was little. Ino was one of her first friends, and said if she didn't hide her forehead so much, she wouldn't get picked on whole the time. She also said 'Sakura, you will bloom into a beautiful flower one day.'. From that day on, they became best friends.

But the day Sakura told Ino she was in love with Sasuke too, she also said to Ino that from that day on they couldn't be friends anymore. Now they're rivals who compete over Sasuke's attention and love. Now when Sakura meets Ino, it's more like 'Ah, Ino-Pig...'. But as the series continues, Sakura undergoes some changes. Her obsession on Sasuke will lessen, and her respect towords the "not-so-cool" group like Naruto and Lee will grow. But not only will she gain some some respect towards other people. She also gets a little envious, and remembers that she should also try her best, too.


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