Friday, July 27, 2012

gala is sick

ang nag-post... syempre si... gala at 4:54 PM 0 comments
Hello readers! Sorry I am sick today. hahaha may lagnat ako... so sad..kawawa naman ako noh?
well masaya naman ang bday celebration ko hihihi... pero ayokong magkwento more about that.. basta masaya lang ako.. sa morning binigyan ako ng 3 roses nila Sheen Nanali, Kimberly Palmares..and the rest of their berks.. 

Stay in touch for my future post about Isabel Valdez - a trying hard bully in school and Diane Laud - a secret flirt who draws everyone's attention to someone who is innocent just to hide her secret motives on someone..
gosh my friend told me that Diane was such a flirt for asking him to be her boyfriend.. ewwww damn you bitch! 

hayysss I miss Ronnver my crush.. haven't seen him today hahaha

bye for now!

love lots♥

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