Thursday, July 12, 2012

Notre Dame of Tacurong College ChatBox - Index

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Notre Dame of Tacurong College ChatBox - Index

Hi Dameans! I'm inviting you to register and join us in our discussion with the latest news, updates, activities, and gossips (?) in our school. Share your ideas with us and ask for help or advice by posting your replies on a conversation that interests you or create your own "thread"(conversation).

NDTC Forum is open for all NDTC students - (Elementary, High School, College), staffs, faculty and alumni.

To register click on the register link you'll see above from

Next is to agree with the Terms of Agreement of the Forum. (I don't read this kind of stuff coz it's very tedious )

Fill up the registration form...choose any username that you like...(a unique username. you will use this everytime you log in).

Wait for admin approval. (Until when is this? hahahhaha)

Explore! and see you there !

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