Monday, March 12, 2012

Bitter is never Better...

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Hi! hahaha bukas na pala ang defense namin sa PHP Programming.. tsk! kanina lang sinabi ni Sir Acel Monares wala klaro ah...
Palak mode na naman..well atleast nakuha paring dumaan sa blog kong to. haha..

see... the title says "bitter is never better"

hmmm... ok im gonna relate my story...

I went to school early in the morning to finish my ERD..
Dali-dali akong pumunta sa NDTC Library.. sa reading Area 1 sana ako papasok nang makita ko si crush writing something.. i dunno what to do and my heart beated soooooooooo fast.... haha and because im trying to avoid him, i backed off and went into the reading area 2 instead..hahaha looooooooolzzzz...

I was in the reading area 2 for an hour already.. i was facing the exit door of the library..Suddenly..this friend which I hated for weeks passed by and smiled at me... I planned to take revenge on her.but I guess I want PEACE now waaaaaaaa haha I just nod.
while the working student was checking on her bag at the exit door... I tap the glass window to get her attention.. she looked at me and smiled...i make a "have-you-finish-your-php" sign and lip reading for her..she said not yet...ok end of story!


in the afternoon i was with this crush in the library doing our website oh m! he walks too fassssssssssssssttttttttttttt.. i was so scared at him that i sat 1 seat apart hahahaha...
when this friend (the lipreader earlier haha) arrived, she sat in between us.. grrr...
He is soooooooooo quite and talks only about the subject (ofcourse ofcourse)..
but he still inspired me atleast he transformed into human being from being a robot just when we were about to go home..

I should be mad at him for acting so weird at me!
but no!!! I didn't.. haha and he must say thanks to me because I like him hahaha or else we could have argued until our graduation haha

gee im so inspired today

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