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Abumi Zaku

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Name:Abumi Zaku
1st Appearance:Chapter 35
Village:Hidden Sound Village
Voice Actor:n/a
Air Slicing Blast (Zankuuha), Ultimate Air Slicing Blast (Zankuu kyokuha)

Abumi Zaku, part of a team with Dosu Kinuta and Kin Tsuchi, is an arrogant, proud genin who stubbornly refuses to give up, even at the cost of his arms.
This Sound-nin had a difficult life as an orphan, and was beaten regularly for stealing food to survive. Orochimaru then took him in because he "liked" Zaku's angry, proud eyes.
Zaku likely had special surgery in his arms, giving him the ability to use his Zankuuha, a powerful jet of air that can destroy rock and rip flesh. Although powerful, it has a glaring weakness, and that is that it is clogged easily, as Zaku found out during his fight with Aburame Shino.

Zaku fought proudly as a representative of the Sound Village, but was sadly discarded like a pawn, as Orochimaru coldly stated.

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