Thursday, February 25, 2010


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argg.. im stucked up!
i need help! argg.. i must finish 7 reports this week or else im dead.. haha..
anyways.. im so excited because this sem is about to end..!
I hope I will be able to finish my requirements on time so that it'll be easy for me to work on my clearance.. haha.

This day is a bit tiring. I think my brain was over-used (*do I have a brain?*)
The programming problem this morning is quite difficult..but i did it.. haha..
We're now on while statement.. c++ is not difficult for me now coz im done with c-language..hehe.. and it's unfair for them i think.. haha. but i dont care i studied hard in c.. hehe..

anyways.. ive tried editing the background color and text in C++ using the code ive used in C and it worked..xD

system("Color 1A");

1 there is for background color and A is for the text color..

you may change it in any combinations u like..
only from 1 to 7 and A to E i think..

MJ is beside me and she's kinda confused of what im doin.

hayzz.. gtg..

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