Sunday, June 24, 2012

sunday sunday

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weee.. me and my sister went to church earlier.. as usual we do go to church at 6:30am
nothing's new so i have no photos to attach in this posts....achoo!!!.. except for my cold which i got from this bad weather we are experiencing this month..

me and my classmate mm are i guess friends again.. i hope he's not being plastic with me..coz im not with him..
me and my ex-best friend are good friends now.. but we're not that close anymore and i got a new best friend :p hahaha..

Me, Aya, and Joy did enjoyed the acquaintance party though the performances of NDTC Teatro Balintataw this year is not that the program took so long inducting officers from different clubs and department..With that, I conclude that we attended an Induction Program rather an Acquaintance Party. It sucks!

But whatever.. I must enjoy no matter how boring our activity was and so with the upcoming events.. It's my last year in my Computer Science degree!!!

oh! and I got a news for everyone... this girl that I don't like is hiding her baby boy from us... maybe she doesn't want anyone to know she already got a child so she could do her sucks bitch!motherf***er! you're such a LOOOOOSER! and I know you are so angry bird with me right now because I discovered and revealed your secret! hahaha.. Get a life and stop denying your child!

whoa! wordy time again


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