Sunday, May 24, 2015

Welcome to the team!

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I know this is kinda late but I want to welcome our new member Kurt Andrei Del Olmo.

4:00 AM- Labor Started
6:00 AM- Kurt asked me to read "True or False Labor" on the Internet (since it's my first time to experience aches :3 grr btw I didn't read it! I have no time!!!! Baby is coming!!!)
7:00 AM- Took a bath
7:30 AM- They called a Taxi
8:00 AM- Taxi arrived (wth!)
8:30 AM- Arrived at Brokenshire Hospital
8:45 AM- Doctors said I'm on active labor upon arrival, waited for.. the "Main Doctor"? haha
9:00 AM- Got thirsty(they fed me some cotton.. whatever), started delivering
9:33 AM- Hello Kurt Andrei!
1:00 PM- Cleaned, transferred to the OB Ward (coz i'm on package)
5:00 PM- Got him beside me

-went home together the next day =)

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