Monday, January 27, 2014

January 2014

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This first month of the year puts me into a lot of trouble and mistakes. But who cares? Stay positive. Get into trouble and commit mistakes they say. But this is not just a simple trouble like the ones I encountered during my college days. This trouble will change my life soon. I can't get away with this. The only way is to deal with it with positive thinking. 

Work is doing fine. Very easy. Boring. I want another job now. I was in a non-voice account before and now I am transferred still in a non-voice account. I want to try voice soon. Hehe. It's hard to make money. But paydays are the best days of the month. 

Family life is doing just fine. My sister is pursuing her dreams of becoming a beauty queen. And yes, she got a title now.

Love life is not so good. As usual... mistrust, misunderstanding, lack of communication and a lot of negative stuffs are still there. I am hoping for a good one soon.


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